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February 02, 2016

January Beauty Buys

This month I've chosen three different range of products to suggest you - a wonderful mask to pamper your skin, a bold but universally flattering lipstick to revamp your make up style and  a neutral nailpolish to give your nails a timeless chic feel. I hope you enjoy them!

1. This is a sheer pink, but it has just enough beige to keep it classic. This is a beautiful neutral for my pale skin tone. It's very complementary, doesn't make my hands look ruddy or yellowish. If you are looking for an opaque nail polish, Bubble Bath isn't a good choice. Even with three layers, I can still see the whites of my nails.With one layer, the polish may sometimes look a little streaky. I usually apply two to three layers to avoid streakiness and to get the colour to show. The wide brush of OPI also makes the application very easy. With a good top coat the result is so polished and with just a hint of shine.

2. Rebel is a really unique colour. It looks dark and purple in the tube, starts as berry on my lips, and fades into fuchsia. It's bold but not overwhelming. I often get a compliment when I wear it.  "Rebel" may seem dark in the tube, but you can really play with its intensity and build the colour as you like. The lasting power of this lipstick is like nothing I've seen before - it will fade but it will leave a pretty pink stain that won't disappear even when you eat and drink. Besides, you can wear it with whichever fashion look or style you have, whether it's classy and sophisticated, fun, sensual or edgy. Great for the upcoming Valentine's day!

3. This is not a cheap product I know, but wow does it work! The Glam Glow's Youthmud Tinglexfoliate treatment mask  smells so fresh and wonderful! It's a clay mask with chunks of leaves in it - don't be alarmed, they come in handy when exfoliating! It spreads over the skin nicely, pulling out all the gross, and after it dries it becomes an exfoliating mask when you dampen your face and scrub the mask off in circular motions!My skin looks soft, super fresh, reinvigorated, smooth, radiant and so nourished! I would wear it every single day if this was allowed, so I get to stick with just an appliance a week or two if it really must! I would highly recommend this product.

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