Everyday life is the special occasion!

February 08, 2016

Valentine's Day Flare

A lot of guys drag their heels at the idea of having to do something special for Valentine’s Day [I hope you're reading this P.], but the fact is that it is the perfect moment for some added oomph. The ways in which people celebrate Valentine’s Day are very diverse - whether it could be a movie date, a dinner date, a party or a formal lunch, it's important to put some effort into your attire, guys included. While women tend to  want to look beautiful and sexy, men usually do not put a lot of stress into it, but you need to look like a gentleman [let alone act like one!]. And you should make an effort  to dress accordingly as well -  from dressed-up to dressed-down to somewhere-in-between, depending on where you're going - specially if you are already into a relationship and know your partner's style well.So whatever your plans are I hope these images will inspire you to coordinate your outfits for this Valentine's.