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December 31, 2012

Hosting a New Year's Party

Hosting a fabulous New Year's Eve party is great way to start off 2013. Here are my sugestions for a great entertaining eve:
  • invite friends in advance through a personalizes DIY invitation card or by email to add some antecipatory excitement;
  • choose a theme for the party and ask everyone to dress up for a nice atmosphere;
  • decorate your home with sparkling candles, a beautiful table set, wall decals, a table confetti, glittery ornaments, 'Xmas lights, party hats, party poppers, food stations, gilded elements - all add the right amount of glam and provide your home with a sparkle for a festive celebratory vibe;
  • have snacks, finger food, appetizers, a table of cheese, varied drinks, cookies, cupcakes, fruit, shelfish, utensiles,and of course, the bubbly champagne - a must on this night -  for your guests will be mingling while eating and they will want to feel at ease;
  • provide some extra pillows and blankets for those you will be for some reason forced to spend the night or for those who give in too early ;
  • have a play list that pleases everyone, with different musical genres;
  • ask friends/ family to contribute with something so that all the food stress won't fall on your shoulders alone;
  • enjoy yourself as well - you can still be an excellent host while soaking up the festive spirit with those who are dearest to you!

December 30, 2012

A Glamorous Revéillon

This is the time  for you to be and to feel at your best, it is the moment when you can showcase your trendiest dress, it is the perfect night for you to be absolutely stunning so that all the good vibes will follow you into the new year to come - this symbolism is just too good to resist! Whip up something special to wear on the last night of the year: call for a bit of sparkle, use a chic and festive dress or outfit, wear red for sophisticated sultriness, pull out the glitz, the glam, the spike and the sequin, because for New Year's, more is more; wear a new jewel for good luck and glamour; a bright lipstick, a killer pair of pumps and a cool metallic dress can hardly fail; a black dress paired up with a great accessory, a statement lip, bling nails and an up do will give you a polished look;if you're planning on spending New Year's eve in front of TV,in the quiet of your home, wear your best pyjamas for champagne;if you're having guests around, gather everyone in the classiest way, asking them to dress nicely for the occasion; most of all, have the greatest time and enter 2013 with your right foot, preferably in the fanciest shoes!

 At a Party!

At Home!