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February 05, 2016

In The Mood For

{finally getting my hair cut and highlighted = salon bore for at least 3hs!}

With a 5 day mini holiday along the way, I couldn't have been more excited about ending this week! I guess everyone knows the power of a feel-good movie when you need it, so I've gathered a few to relaxedly enjoy these days off that along with an assortment of decadent nice treats and rain prediction for the upcoming week will be most appreciated. When I was little I always loved Carnival,because of the outfits/ deguises I used to wear [pretty lame by the way - I never got to get dressed as a cowboy as I longed for, which developed into ome kind of frustration I'm sure} but now I'm just not drawn into it anymore. The same with most of my friends - is it a sign that we're getting not only older, but actually old?!Oh and I can´t wait to get my hair properly trimmed and highlighted, four and a half months is my limit!Have a nice weekend! I'm in the mood for...

{lovely feminine emsembles + shopping for his favourite pastries for this extended weekend mini holidays}

{beautiful, sassy, barely-there make up for Valentine' day}

{grey knits and sultry sexy pink-reddish nailpolish}

{getting my favourite b&w wedding photos framed, in the bedroom}

 {delicious Portuguese Rocha Pear's certerpiece}

{the amazing mirror that came home with me - at ZARA HOME}


  1. Hey Aida,
    I loved all your "In the mood for" I start thinking of what I am in the mood for...well I do need to do something to my hair...each year I like to change my appearance anyhow! I am bored with my hair! I've been thinking of make up for Vday, but since I am going to spend my Vday without my Hubby, I will see what I will do on that day!

    I loved you mirror from Zara!
    Enjoy your mini-Holiday,

    Claudia ClaKi


  2. Abominooooooo o Carnaval, lol!! EM pitinha amava de paixão, e mascarei-me sempre, até em adulta cheguei a mascarar-me, a última vez fui de Bond Girl chinesa com uma blusa feita por mim looool, ainda outro dia ao arrumar coisas na arrecadação fui dar com ela e pensei "Bolas, houve uma altura da minha vida em que eu fiz muita roupa á mão e ficou bem fixe, que aconteceu á moça prendada que eu era aos 26, 27 anos???". E apesar de me mascarar e ir a festas de Carnaval, o Carnaval de rua nunca me captivou, e cada vez menos, principalmente quando ouço malta a falar do Carnaval português dizendo que gostam deste pr causa do Axê e do Samba... isto a mi entristece-me muito, pq isso é o Carnaval brasileiro, e aqui não é o Brasil. POrtugal tinha tradições de Carnaval engraçadas, tipicas e muito interessantes nos anos 30, 40, 50 e 60 que se perderam por completo e se transformaram nesta aberração de jovens de bikini no pico do INverno sambando pela avenida debaixo de chuva e frio intenso...

  3. Oh Aida, this is the cutest picture of the three girls. You're getting your hair done this weekend? I hope it turns out just the way you want. You know, PEARS used to be my favorite fruit as a kid. And I used to love carnivals just like you.....still do!

    Have a fun weekend, dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Old??? No, just that you've found more intriguing things in life, and that takes some experience. I'm sorry you never got to dress up as a cowboy, and maybe you should do that once. Twice, if you like it. Carnevale for me means cooking jambalaya, and you just reminded me to go buy the ingredients. Have fun at the beauty shop!