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February 15, 2016

Girl Crush #2 Mireia Öller

 Mireia Öller, from My Daily Style, was the first blogger I started to follow back in late 2008. When I first discovered her blog she was pregnant and wow , was she stylish! I was in love with her boho chic meets timeless-chic-with-a-twist style and she was the queen of good layering. She has always kept her personal life private, though she sometimes gave a little insight into her particular world, which to some extent also kept me interested. Throughout the years she is still one of my favourite bloggers, who has kept a nice, polite, down-to-earth and humble attitude towards her audience - qualities I appreciate the most. As fas as style goes, she's very ecletic and that diversity without compromising a clear line of thought, if we can say so, makes her one of my girl crushes/ isnpirations for the past eight years.

 rocker chic

mannish attire + super feminine heels

casual girly

 sporty cool
 fashionista momma

sassy businesswoman


  1. Não faço ideia quem seja, lol, mas n é a minha onda em termos de estilo. Adoro no entanto o cabelo dela, as ondas soft que eu tantoooooo adorava conseguir ter!!

  2. i love this looks, very ecletic but sophisticated, great post and thanks for the inspiration :)
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  3. Stylish lady!