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February 22, 2016

Pastel Knits

Winter knits in pretty pastel/ dainty hues in  muted colors (grey, whites, blues, pinks) are a perfect transitional piece into spring. They look fabulous with almost anything - from leggings, to skinny jeans, to baggy boyfriend jeans, to distressed pants to pencil skirts or leather bottoms. I find them beautiful when they are a bit chunky/ tad oversized and a  little half tuck always gives a bit of chicness to the look and waist definition. Their soft colours carry subtleness, class and sophistication, they can be extremely flattering and will make you feel and look gorgeous - never underestimate the power of a pastel knit!


  1. Não ando lá muito virada para tons pastel... normalmente até gosto, mas nos últimos anos não me tenho sentido tentada a usar, não ando a gostar de me ver.

  2. Cute!


  3. Eu sou uma pessoa que veste qase todas as cores, consoante o meu estado de espírito mas tons pastel gosto bastante, em especial quando fogem para tons azúis ou amarelos :)
    Beijinhos, se quiseres vem visitar-me em