Everyday life is the special occasion!

November 30, 2016

Blackberries Rustic Braid

There are a few staples that I always have in my freezer: a pint of ice cream, bacon, eggs, red berries and lots of puff pastry so that when either disaster strikes or unexpected guests come around one of those items are sure to appease the situation. As I had friends over right on schedule this is my quick fix for desperate situations - so to speak - one that always has lots of compliments is is highly appreciated. Though simple and easy it looks nice and tastes divinely -  the scent in the kitchen will smell like your favourite bakery and the delicious taste of homemade blackberries jam, with big frozen blackberries that were the result of a walk in the woods last september mixed witrh the buttery and crisp puff pastry sided by a nice cup of coffee were the perfect  little afternoon pick-me-up for us all.

  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • homemade blackberries preserve
  • frozen wild blackberries
  • eggwash
  • light brown sugar to sprinkle on top

November 29, 2016

November Beauty Buys

These have been my favourites for the past month. I hope you'll enjoy them!

1. Lagoon Water by Carita has revelaed to be an amazing product.  After washing my face, I use cotton pads to revitalize my skin. This water helps remove remaining impurities and residue from my pores ( as evidenced by what comes off onto the pad even after having washed my face firstly, whish I always do ) and somehow it has also helped even my skin tone.I like that it does not contain alcohol and the clean glow my skin has after use. After washing my face at night I  use this product and my skin looks newly washed and hydrated!

2. This has been on rotation for a while now and I'm quite satisfied with it. H&M eye makeup liquid remover is  half clear and half pinkish which is quite pretty and all you have to do is to shake it well before putting it into use. You just need to pour a bit onto a round cotton pad and give it a few wipes until it gets  almost everything off. For affordable makeup removers it's definitely up there with some of the best I’ve tried so far!
3. Estée Lauder's New Dimension Serum is a very good product. It did make my skin look healthier, plumper and smoother. Yet all the claims in connection with re-shaping the face I think are not justified. It has a very light fragrance and absorbs fast. Make up looks better over it and my lines look quite softer when I use this product. It also contains antioxidants and peptides.Overall I am happy about the product but I still prefer the same brand's ANR!

November 28, 2016

Adidas Stan Smith

It is no absolutely no surprise at all that I'm obsessed about everything's Adidas, namely sneakers and this model should be no exception.The style, which made its debut in the 1960s, was officially named the Stan Smith in 1973, after the number one tennis player at the time. They’ve sort of became a high-fashion statement, besides being  comfortable, ageless, versatile [they go with jeans, cropped trousers, dresses, all length of  skirts...] and well, just chic enough! How do you feel about it? Do you think that the Stan Smith's sneaker mania is to die down anytime soon?