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February 19, 2016

In The Mood For

{pretty vignettes that up the ante of an otherwise plain space}

I don't know if this ever happens/ happened to any of you - having a neglected room  that never gets used and that you been meaning to decorate forever. This has happened in two of the previous houses I've lived in [all kinds of excuses were used for that state of chaos]before I have moved into my final house and it was something never to be repeated, so I thought. But the fact is that history is repeating itself and it is really bothering me. This time the excuse is that I have to be finantially cautious and not get overwhelmed by everything I see that I really like, but the fact is that I know the guest room is going to be postponed to the max and the problem is to stop it from being a totally messy room in a house that I have been so cautiously [= at a snail's pace to tell the truth] and dedicatedly decorating. Maybe with the sun shining beautifully this weelkend I fibally will get the strengtth to at least make it into a clean empty room! Let's get some work done! Hope you have a good one! I'm in the mood for...

{super fluffy but sophisticated sexy fur coats in neutral hues}

{all kinds of pretty pink pastel lipsticks}

{beautifully curated trays in unexpected plaaces}

{homebaked puff pastry croissants for weekends breakfasts}

{this Essie's timeless chic nailpolish}

{strawberries  - for slads, desserts, baked goodies}


  1. Aida, living always in rather small apartments I have never had such a problem:) I hope you will solve it soon:) In the meantime wishing you a fab weekend!

  2. Puff pastry anything, really!!!!

  3. Very beautiful, i loved croissants.