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March 31, 2017

February Beauty Buys

A nice sultry scent, a mask that makes you feel like you're in a spa at home and a lipstick to make you look fierce and glamorous were my choices of cold, dreary february weather. I hope you'll enjoy them!

1.  I got this elegant, cool and sophisticated fragrance as a present for Valentine's day and it is amazing! This oriental - floral perfume begins with fresh accords of bergamot, mandarin, apple, pink pepper and pineapple. Its floral heart includes rose, peony and lily of the valley. The base is oriental and woody with notes of sandalwood, patchouli and musk - my favourite mix of scents all year round. The perfume bottle symbolizes chic style of Massimo Dutti's house combining classic and modernity and the black bow is just so pretty. Thumbs up!!!

 2. Before anything else let me tell you that by opening this jar I was flooded with an amazing scent of chocolat-y, coconut fruit or exotic drink that just compelled me to wanting to actually taste it a bite - yes, it was this good, but don't worry , I really didn't! This Glam Glow's Thirsty Mud Hydrating mask  is more like a soft gel-like consistency that’s creamy and it smells delightfully as I said. Well accordingto  Glamglow this mask is supposed to give your skin an extreme boast of hydration thanks to something they call Dewdration that locks in moisture and instantly leaves skin moist. Youa can applu it two different ways but I always wear it as a sleeping mak -  I simply apply it on my face, head to sleep, and in the morninh I feel my combination skin supple, even and hydrated.

 3. I has been dying to try this deep brown colour since it became do hype again, specially because during the 90's I was my go-to on a daily basis, until I completely stopped using it. The creamy and smooth colour glides on easily and the hue is beautiful, strong and bold. It is a deep cinammon brown that looks sophisticated and sultry sexy and I've been wearing it a lot!

March 24, 2017

In The Mood For

 {saving this delicious treat for weekend cozy nights in }

 {confusing and totally flipsed spring/ wintery weather attire on a daily basis}

 {nudes on eyes for a brighter and healthier look}

{a girls dream of heaven on earth - Chanel bags for days}

{the cool vibe of this nicely ellaborated décor}
 {a great reminder with abit of sparkle - at SPRINGFIELD}
{timeless chic sophistication with great classics -  at Massimo Dutti}

In The Mood For

 {wishing all fathers / father's figures out theres an excellent Father's Day}

 {mixing prints with classic solid pieces for a sophisticated effortless look}
 {rotating between dark/ nude lips}
 {adoring the simplicity though elegance of this hallway}

{enjoying the season of baby breath that look adorable on white vases}
 {fighting rain with a little sparkle - at ZARA}
 {obessed about blueberries jelly}

March 10, 2017

In The Mood For

{having lots of lemon tea with lemon slices }

{taking advanatage of the late sunny weather to incorporate summery stripes into daily outfits}

{beige nail crush as of late}
{filling the house with flowers and beautifully scented candles}
 {weekend series marathons are filled with decadent treats}
 {an appealing vibe of  of spring - at ZARA}

{enjoying the pretty colours, texture and design - at ZARA}

March 04, 2017

In The Mood For

 {watching fashion the trends for this upcoming spring on Fashion TV}

 {comfy cozy long dresses with cool accessories}
 {this beautifully light shimmery blush from Chanel's new collection}
 {the intricated beauty of this cake}
{the soft and soothing colour palette of this bedroom}
{the first tulips of the year - one of my favourite flowers}

 {this Zara T-shirt full of  good vibes and nice fabric}