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February 01, 2016

The Half-Bun Weekend Hair

On the weekends, lately, when my hair isn't falling the way I'd like it to but I don't want to totally give up with a messy ponytail, I've been embracing this effortless stylish hair look - the half bun [ when you wear the top half of your hair in a mini bun, and let the bottom half flow free and loose]. It's not a ponytail, yet it's also not a full-fledged bun, but it's a great hairdo if you're looking to switch up your ordinary top knot and it's so easy that anyone can nail it. Here are my steps to avhieve a nice, effortless but still super feminine half bun:

1) Add some texture to hair by backcombing or ruffling vigorously with fingertips. If you have a texturising spray, all the better [I swear by the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray] 

 2) Section the top layer of hair with fingertips into a roughly inverted V by running fingers from the tops of ears to the crown of your head

 3) Tie in a pony tail after finger-combing any really wild bits [but remenber that your goal isn't necessarily to get it super neat]

 4) Pull the hair coming out the pony into a circle around the band, pull it into the shape you’d like and secure with a couple of kirby grips. 
You're good to go!


  1. Não faz o meu género, eu gosto do full bun mesmo eheh. Ao fim de semana quando o cabelo me deixa maluca - e durante a semana tb!! - faço é tranças, nromalmente.

  2. I love that hair style, although I don't think it looks good at me

  3. Oh, I like this! Must try, now that my hair is long enough.