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March 01, 2016

February Beauty Buys

For February I've chosen a beautiful lacquered plum nail polish to celebrate Saint Valentine's day, an amazing top coat that gave my nails a polished shine and a pair of seductive fake eyelashes that I wore on a romantic date's night [and that I'll pull off any other special occasion in a nearby future]. I hope you'll enjoy them!

1. Fancily named "coup de coeur" the Chanel nail polish was perfect to celebrate Saint Valentine's! It has quite a bit of red mixed into the color but on the nails and in real life it's a purply-plum shade. It has a high shine finish like most Chanel nail colors and I loved the fact that it applied very smoothly with full coverage after two coats. Dry time is fast and this is a great point. It's a classic shade that I think is universally flattering.

2. A top coat really makes a total difference on nail polishes and this one is a amazing. With a simple streak-free application the nails acquire a fantastic elegant shine that ups the ante of any manicure [even if homemade like mine always is] -plus, it keeps your manicure from chipping for days. For a  top coat that dries almost instantly and won't break the bank, this one by Anny is by far your best bet.

3. I love wearing fake lashes on special events and though they're a bit difficult to tackle after you get the hang of it you'll do it in a blink of an eye! I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of the H&M lashes– they adhered perfectly [I even used the glue that comes with the pack] and they went on easy and stayed the entire day/night.  Although these are not made from natural hair, they certainly appear natural enough.  I like the fact that the band is really really thin, it makes them easier to blend into your natural lashes, and easier to apply [I always use the help  of a pair of tweezers to apply them], and in general more comfortable to wear. As they are still in amazing shape [I've cleaned them down and desinfected them after use] I will be able to reuse them again which is a great bonus.


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