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March 04, 2016

In The Mood For

{huge make up de-cluttering on the go}

March is off to a good start with the arrival of some longed for furniture {my customized beautiful lacquered white bookcases have finally made their way to my home yesterday after a two-month nerve-wrecking awaiting}and the first ceiling lamp is finally on watch. I am finding a giddy satisfaction in re-descovering some decoration items that have been packed for too long [to the point I didn't remember I had them any more}and I am pleasantly surprised with how good they look in some vignettes and I am happy I have actually bought them then, for if it were for now [cautious and only utterly necessary shopping is the rule of thumb]they may have never have passed the shop's doorstep. This weekend will be entirely dedicated to a kind of first spring deep cleaning [over 700 books are waiting to be organized and cleaned, so help me God]and besides a couple of distractions, I really am, strangely or not, eager to get started. Wish you a good one. I'm in the mood for...

{finally curating the new buit-in white bookcases that arrived yesterday}

{weekend's indulgence to put to the test}

{these pretty earring with an architectural feel}

{a fantastic mascara I'm eager to try}

{the cutest coasters - at Loja do Gato Preto}

{new to-die-for Adidas kicks }


  1. Nice sneakers & earrings... you always post the most yummy food photos!


  2. so cute :-))


    i invite to me too