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March 09, 2016

Scrambled Eggs With " Farinheira"

Firstly let me introduce you to "farinheira". Farinheira is a Portuguese smoked sausage made mainly from wheat flour, pork fat and seasonings (white wine,garlic, paprika, salt and pepper).It can not be eaten raw because it contains flour and is not cooked. It has a yellowish brown colour to it and is mostly served in some more traditional dishes; however it can also be eaten on its own, roasted or fried. Although it resembles a  meat sausage, its taste is not meaty nor hot; it has a somewhat doughy texture and has leaves kind of a tangy and sweet finish on the palate. It is never cooked sliced unlike other sausages because its content resembles a doughand it would certainly pour totally out of the skin during cooking. As I often love having a not so conventional dinner on the wekends I decided to try a recipe that involved having the farinheira previously cooked and then  mixed with scrambled eggs and served in bread  not as a starter but as an actual dinner with friends [we were five people, hence the use of an whole farinheira and six eggs] on a casual saturday night. Absolutely delicious!

  • 1 farinheira
  • 6 eggs
  • shallots
  • 1 package cream
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • qs salt
  • qs peppers mix
  • qs chili

Start by cooking the sausage in boiling water. Reserve. Beat the eggs with a wire rod because the eggs will be with a softer texture. Then add the beaten eggs cream, season with salt, pepper and chili, beating well to mix it with the eggs. In a non-stick pan put the butter to melt and add the chopped shallots. Let them fry until they get  slightly golden, then add the crumb of the previously cooked farinheira. Mix it well and fry the farinheira for about 2 minutes. Add then the eggs and wmix all very bem.When the eggs start having a more full-bodied texture, turn off the heat [even if you think they are not fully cooked becauser they will finish cooking in the heat of the pan]. Eggs should be still rare and should have a wet look.

  • 1 farinheira
  • 6 ovos
  • chalotas
  • 1 pacote natas
  • 1 colher de sopa de manteiga
  • sal q.b.
  •  mistura de pimentas q.b.
  • piri piri q.b.

Comece por cozer a farinheira em água a ferver. Reserve. Bata os ovos com uma vara de arames pois os ovos ficarão com uma textura mais fofa. De seguida, junte aos ovos batidos as natas, tempere com sal, piri piri e pimenta,  batendo muito bem para misturar tudo com os ovos. Numa frigideira anti-aderente ponha a manteiga a derreter e junte as chalotas picadas. Deixe que fiquem ligeiramente douradas e junte depois o miolo da farinheira cozida. Envolva tudo muito bem e deixe fritar a farinheira cerca de 2 minutos. Junte, então, os ovos e envolva tudo muito bem.Quando os ovos começarem a ficar com uma textura mais encorpada, desligue o lume [mesmo que ainda ache que estão mal passados, vão acabar de cozinhar com o calor da frigideira]. Os ovos não devem ficar bem passados e devem ter um aspecto molhado.


  1. O meu marido detesta farinheira! Eu gosto e assim nos ovos mexidos faz um petisco daqueles! Beijinhos

  2. Um petisco do melhor!
    Também gosto muito de fazer os ovos com alheira, fica mais leve [na minha opinião…]

  3. delicious my grandmother make this always

  4. Um prato delicioso, adoro comer este petisco :)´
    Beijinhos ...

  5. Yummy!
    Nice bouquet :)