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March 25, 2016

In The Mood For

{welcoming Spring with arms wide open}

Growing up, Easter was one of my favourite days of the year, specially if it coincided with my birthday. My mom would always have a brand new ensemble for me that I eagerly awaited to get on[though now it seems quite a torture to have had to wait more than a month to wear it - really mom?], chocolate eggs on the table setting and beautifully colourful sweet almonds at the reach of my hands throughout the whole day, family feasts and my favourtite treat:the "folar" with boiled eggs my godparents always bought me. The ingredients are already waiting for me in the pantry and the bash of delicious treats is about to get started, the famous "folar" included. Let's see how it's going to come out! Wish you a lovely holiday ahead!I'm in the mood for...

{beautiful white blouses that exude femininity and romance}

{the prettiest DIY décor for your Easter table}

{an amazing mask from my latest beauty brand crush -  CAUDALIE}

{soft lavander nails that are cool and chic}

 {my favourite Easter indulgence}

{on my wishlist - at ZARA}


  1. Lovely eggs decoration! Happy Easter!

  2. Engraçado verificar como realmente a vida na capital acaba por se condicionar de forma muito diferente da vida fora dela... nunca celebrei por si a Páscoa, sim, ia almoçar aos meus avós - mas isso ia todos os DOmingos! - sim, comia amendoas e borrego, mas não havia por aqui essa tradição enraízada que vejo noutros loais de Portugal. Coo nem sou católica, é feriado que não me aquece nem arrefece a não ser pelo facto de ter o marido em casa dois dias a mais eheheh.

  3. Wonderful white shirt and mani!


  4. That first girl needs some of your chocolate eggs. YES, I remember those Easter outfits and I personally think that women should go back to shopping like that. You know, one amazing spring outfit (shoes, hat, gloves, and bag, too!) and one amazing fall/winter/Christmas outfit (ditto on the accessories). Happy Easter, sweetheart!