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March 28, 2016

Adidas OG Gazelle Crush

Throughout the years I am becoming more of a sporty person, though I still love maintaining a fashion-forward, sassy, cool style. I'm just not up for discomfort or sacrifice with high heels on a regular basis anymore. This suede model by Adidas has since last year become kind of a cult and an almost daily staple, specially if the weather is fine. Fortunately we’re at a point where it’s completely socially acceptable to wear sneakers outside of the gym or just for sport situations, and that’s amazing because sneakers are so comfortable and can still look so fashionable! Cool and chic they look amazing with the most varied outfits, conveying an effortless style that still adds some refinement.


  1. so nice :))0

    i invite to me too


  2. Tive uns deste género nos anos 90, pretos, usava-os taaaaaantooooo!! Ainda hoje em dia, mal chega a Primavera adoro andar de ténis estilo all start e no Verão tenho sempre Keds. Paranóias.

  3. I like the light grey version!


  4. As sapatilhas vieram mesmo para ficar :)
    Beijinhos ...
    Guloso qb

  5. THE MINUTE gym shoes came into mainstream style, I came out of the closet. No, I don't wear clunky, ugly ones. Just the cool, beautiful ones like these. My feet need to be happy for me to be happy. So simple. Just sayin'.