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March 07, 2016

Girl Crush #3 Naomi Davis

When she started her blog [former Rockstar Diaries now Love Taza]  just a few months after getting married in 2007, Naomi Davis was far from guessing that  she would have now millions page views each month and that it would actually become not only a  huge success, but also a business. I discovered the blog in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the vintage-loving, bright lipstick-wearing twenty-something’s girl and then with her and her husband Josh’s effortless style and super cool attitude. I have accompanied them in their journey of  sharing real stories about their life – getting married, setting up home, moving from New York to DC, getting their dog Kingsley, having their three children, moving back to New York… and I've never stopped loving their raw  unpretentiousness and honesty and I´ve always felt a true connection with them.

 coolest mom to Eleanor, Samson & Conrad
trade mark - bright lipstick & hair style risky
 house décor: cool, relaxed, lived-in feel

personal style: vintage vibe, retro sophistication 
family driven : Josh & Kids


  1. Mais um blog que desconhecia por completo. Adoro as sardas dela, adorava ser sardenta lol.

  2. so fine look ; -))

    i invite to me too


  3. She is such a natural person!