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March 11, 2016

In The Mood For

{baking a batch of lemon muffins for the weekend}
 Do you also have the feeling that this week has flown by in a blur? With nice weather predictions, despite the still harsh cold, I’m beyond excited to get out of the house and go for regular walks in  the woods nearby, soak up some of the fresh air and get some sunshine, and then return home for delicious breakfast of lemon muffins and hot steaming verbena leaves tea. I'm looking forward to a weekend of no plans except for filling every surface available in my house with spring flowers, doing a proper homemade mani/pedi [are these terms  - proper homemade - mutually exclusive?] and binge-watching Fargo, Season 2 and 12 Monkeys, Season 1. Have a nice one! I'm in the mood for...

{effortless outfits + super natural hair/ natural with a statement coat - leopard, naturally}

{in love with these amzing nude colours for the lips}

{beautiful transitional earthy winter - spring hues for nails}

{looking for interesting art for the new house}

{all that glitter's is my gold kind of kicks - ADIDAS}
{Friday's nights indulgence}


  1. ..for some yummy muffins!


  2. hmmmm muffins de limão!!