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March 14, 2016

Blue & Grey

Though I own a some blue items in my wardrobe [ blouses, buttondowns and jeans] it is never I hue I consider as one of my favourites by itself. But if we're talking about matching grey [an absolute favourite] and blue, that's another story, because this combo immediately comes up as one of my staples. Grey and blue match, indeed, as long as the shades are opposite; it depends on the shade. Navy blues and dark blues match with light greys whilst dark greys match with light blues. Are you into these shades together?


  1. Hola Aida querida , me encanta esa combinación de gris y azul ,sobretodo con yeans , se ve elegante y casual

  2. so awesome pics ; -)))

    i invite to me too


  3. Gostei muito dos looks, revejo-me em alguns :)
    Beijinhos ...
    Guloso qb

  4. Também não sou grande fã de azuis - principalmente azuis escuros!! - mas depois vai-se a ver e azuis que atirem para o cinza, azuis muito claros, adooooroooo. Mas não curto azul marinho, mesmo nadaaaaa.