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March 21, 2016

Midnight Blue Knits

This very dark, unfailingly chic blue is considered by many the new black. It portrays an effortless and sophisticated sense of style [plus it's a slimming colour], it can be worn with any other colour, it kind of  projects  a professional image and it's a wardrobe staple. Lately I've been loving wearing this colour in chunky knit sweaters due to the cooler temperatures and crisp air and it has become a casual, timeless staple in my wardrobe that still adds a dollop of chic to my everyday emsembles. How do you feel about  really dark blue sweaters?


  1. so amazing pics= ]]

    i invite to me too


  2. Nope, not my thing at all, tenho grandes dificuldades em apreciar azuis na sua onda mais escura do espectro. Azuis claros ainda vá que não vá, mas tudo o que seja navy e afins, eu fujo.