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October 21, 2014

Teepee Tents

When I was a little tomboyish girl with a fervent imagination, like many of you, I loved playing at pretending to be an Indian - maybe it was due to the fact that I used to watch many cowboys and Indian films on TV [even if I didn't understand a word they were saying and I hadn´t learnt how to read back then], but that imaginary made part of the childhood of many of us and of mine for sure. Back then we had the woods nearby to set our imaginations at wild or our backyards where sometimes a big plastic or an old towel/ sheet was hung on sticks to pretend to be a tent. Kids nowadays are much more fortunate because these indoor teepee tents are just too beautiful to pass on! They do not only make an incredible impact on your home decór but also are a great to set your children's imagination at full gas,adding an element of whimsy to bedrooms/ playrooms. What do you think about this trend of taking the concept of building a fort into a new other level?


  1. O meu puto tem uma loool. Já brincou mais com ela, é verdade, e muitas tardes passei eu lá dentro a morrer de calor ahahahahah.

  2. Love this post!


  3. so cute pics; -)
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  5. it's sooooo cute and also stylish :)
    I love it :)


  6. Lol, if I was a child I would have loved to live in there all the day! And now I just to want one for my home too!:) Totallyy love them and if I will have kids one day, for sure I will get one for them. Many kisses Aida! xo