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October 28, 2014

Leopard Print Accents

In my book I've always faced leopard print as a neutral, but I agree that some exaggeration can become tacky instead of stylish; therefore, as I cannot live without having it in in my life, I've chosen to incorporate this controversial print in my home decor in subtle details that subsequently make my house feel polished and elegant. A smaller dose leopard print detail or just accents inserted subtly in the decór will be a talking point in any style of room whether it has a contemporary, vintage or classical theme. I already have a fab leopard print rug for the living room of the new house, but I sincerely doubt I'll just stick to that single piece!


  1. cute photos ;-)

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  2. é estampagem que não me agrada, confesso. e no entanto, se bem usado pode dar um je ne sais quoi em termos decorativos, e consigo visualizar que na decoração da minha sala ficaria super bem um toque de leopardo, só não consigo é dar o passo e usar por não apreciar a estampa.

  3. El estilo leopardo en la decoración me gusta mucho pero en pequeños toques ya cuando es mucho se puede ver poco delicado

  4. in my apartment there is so many leopard print on sofa and carpet

  5. I cant live withouth this print either, but you are right, the exaggeration is tacky. Id love to incorporate it on decor as well, this subtle accents are to die for!:) Amazing inspiration Aida, hugs! xo