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October 20, 2014

Book Clutches

When my favourite objects [the book and the handbag] get together in a single unique piece - perfection -, I had undoubtedly to fall in love!  The soon as I laid my eyes on it the book clutch instantly became a most  coveted object to carry my must-have things inside - mobile phone, wallet, lipstick, notebook, fountain pen. Unfortunately their price range is far too high for my wallet; nevertheless this is a trend I'll go with because besides being  timeless chic, it is completely up my alley. If I could choose a book cover to be my clutch it would be a difficult choice, because I consider myself a well read person and many books have made their permanent mark on me, but I would probably choose one among these three favourites : Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brönte; L'amant, by Marguerite Duras or Cuentos de Eva Luna, by Isabel Allende. What would be your book of choice for your ultra trendy clutch?


  1. Morning Aida! I get you very well as those are my 2 fav things as well!:) Im drooling over them all and honestly, couldnt pick a fav as I have many books Id love to be featured on a clutch. Amazing inspiration and fashion! Have a great week ahead, tons of hugs! xo

  2. Não é coisa que me agrade particularmente - eu prefiro ter as mãos livres all the time, loool - mas se tivesse de escolher seria de facto muito dificil. Primeiro porque também me considero pessoa bem lida, segundo porque a capa do livro ia depender mesmo muito daquilo que eu decidisse vestir nesse dia, acho que ia ter mil e uma clutches dessas. Se fosse basear-me em livros que me tivessem marcado, ui ui, então estava tramada, porque o livro que me marcou ontem não é o que me marcou há 10 anos atrás, nem será decerto o que me vai marcar daqui a um ano ou dois. Neste momento, se calhar escolhia o Gone Girl para looks casuais, o Lord of the Rings para looks mais outonais, e o The Witching Hour para looks nocturnos. Se fosse numa de looks de Verão, Duma Key all the way.

  3. I love this trend. Awesome pictures and blog xx


  4. Im soo into this trend! I read alot, so book bag looks to me great..