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October 06, 2014

Oh Fall, You Were Missed...

My favourite Fall weather is that with very crisp and cold days when the sun eventually softly shines and rain eventually  falls for just a day or two, bringing along that earthy smell of wet ground. One of the things I appreciate more about this season is the fact that layering feels good and sharpens our most creative senses, forcing us to mix and match cool fabrics from past warmer seasons [lace, silk, cotton, poplin, eyelet, chambray] with wool, leather, tweed and different types of knits that beat cold and hard winds. It makes you feel comfortable, polished, graceful and naturally ultra feminine.I guess no matter which style you choose, it is always important to be aware of the fact that being authentic and unique is the best part of following season styles.I hope these amazing ready-for-Fall outfits will inspire you to create your own autumnal wardrobe!


  1. Hi Aida! This is so true! The important is to feel in that way, confident and comfy. These outfits are inspiring and flawless, Id love to wear them all!:) Have a great week, hugs! xo

  2. Por aqui começa agora a dar os primeiros ares de sua graça, o senhor Outono...

  3. Buenas tarde Aida: ¿Por qué será que nos gusta tanto el otoño?. Resulta que estamos teniendo ahora mejor tiempo que en Agosto y todavía vamos con ropa de verano, pero efectivamente con ganas de empezar a llevar chaquetas de paño. Hoy he visto una de pata de gallo en veis y azulón que me ha gustado, pero estamos a 26º. Un abrazo.

  4. amazing selection....thesse outfit are very cool

  5. fine pics; >>
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  6. I'm packing for travel tomorrow, and was wondering what I should take. Now I know.

    Kisses and thanks!