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October 31, 2014

In The Mood For

{a funny and original way of cheering up a lousy day - Happy Hallowe'en!}

Last night it was wonderful and touching to recall my childhood with the little boys and girlscouts [not that I had ever been one] knocking at the door singing the "Bolinhos e Bolinhós" song. It took me back to a time when all my worries were about how my carton box design would look like and whether or not I would get some small cash to buy my favourite treats afterwards or if instead [what a disappointment then] I would just receive walnuts, dried figs or apples. I recalled the excitment felt during these days before the 1st November, the thrill of the ritual's preparation and the rush adrenaline in the adventure of going knocking door-to-door and suddenly breathtakingly escaping, naively "cursing" those who wouldn't give us anything...Last night I had mixed feelings of nostalgy and the bittersweet taste of envy and I felt so bad about it that I ended up giving away all the treats I usually keep stored for the weekend! Wish you the sweetest weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{my new nailpolish in hues of gray - Essie's Chincilli}

{a great illuminator for healthy looking skin during winter's dull days - suggestions are more than welcomed!}

{love everything about this look - ultra chic and really my kind of sexy appeal}

{totally into arm swagging in gold dainty pieces}

{the first chestnuts of the season - the promise of  a recipe soon on the blog}

{this polished handbag - what's not to love about it?}


  1. Morning Aida! Your childhood memories are just too sweet!:) Totally love the outfit with the plaid scarf and leather pants, still havent eaten chestnuts, hope soon!:) Happy Halloween my dear, hope u have a great weekend too! xo

  2. I would also love to read the suggestions how to look like on this shot-I think it's a question of make-up, isn't it?

  3. Nunca fui ao "Pão por Deus" como se diz cá embaixo. Mas lembro-me de a dada altura, já eu prestes a entrar na idade adulta, virem uns miúdos, em bando, todos os anos, e eu chegava a fazer bolachas e queques para lhes dar, achava piada á coisa. Dinheiro nunca dava, mas comida sim, looool.

  4. amazing pics..i like the make up in the second photo