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October 24, 2014

In The Mood For

{waking up to very early crisp mornings that develop into beautiful sunshining days}

I don't know what is happening with the weather in your corner of the world, but here the sun decided to put his hat on and summer has been paying us an extended visit for the last week and week to come. Though I love the brisk of Fall this balmy days haven't been necessarily disappointing because a deep decluttering is at full gas around the house - at least I've stick to one of this year's goals for real. With nothing on the agenda for this weekend but the new series Flash and The Knick I mean to enjoy the most of it in a relaxed mood, starting with a date dinner out tonight and some drugstore beauty products haul tomorrow. Have a nice one! I'm in the mood for...

{absolute crush - pairing summer dresses with autumnal booties - the ultimate sexy chic}

{burgundy lips and Chanel make up - one of the very best all year round}

{these beautiful,organic decorative urns that are the perfect DIY challenge for Fall}]

{a very affordable perfume that smells intimatelly sophisticated}

{the discreet shimmer of the leather and the great confortable heel have completely had me at first sight}

{great signs of Fall at a relative's outdoors entertaining room}


  1. beatiful autumn inspirations!

  2. Eu então já não posso com este calor, ando a bater mal e tudo, sempre de rastos e sem forças para nadaaaaa, argh. Esse perfume da Zara é bem bom, já estive para o comprar umas quantas vezes loool!!

  3. Morning Aida! Here the weather is changed all of sudden and is getting pretty chilly! But I can feel the holidays smell in the air and it makes me happy! Love the photo of Chanel make up, so cool! And that perfum must be heavenly, I wanna go to Zara and try it. Have a wonderful weekend my friend,many hugs! xo

  4. so cute ;-)


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  5. i love these pics
    the second is very cool