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October 10, 2014

In The Mood For

{ blueberry pancakes on the agenda for morning breakfast this weekend}

This confused Autumn [heavy rain and sunshining days showing up absolutely ramdomly] has been making wardrobe plans for daily outfits extremely tricky, so most of the times a nice blazer over a cotton sweater and nice booties have been my good to go choices. This weekend, despite other most important priorities on where to spend my money, I mean to go window shopping for a nice outfit for a nearby formal celebration, I'm going to try an exceptional new facial exfoliator that I will tell about soon, I plan on shooting easy comforting food ideas for the cold days and I am going to give Homeland 3 and 4 series a good treat! Wish you a great time. I'm in the mood for...

{changing my light nail polish into moodier hues}

{totally into dewy skin and minimal make up}

{filling the house with natural flower arrangements - lavander looks pretty and smells so good}

{coffee table inspiration for this cold season - cozy and comfy but beautiful}

{these boots which look even better when put on}

{dried fruits craze has officially begun}


  1. I have very similiar boots:) here, surprsingly, the weather is very good as for October, today we have + 20 and sun!:)

  2. Your weekend plans sound great Aida! Im so interested in the pancakes for breakfast now, yummy!:P That make up inspires a lot and just love those booties, way too cool! Have a fab weekend my dearest, many hugs! xo

  3. AVELÃS!!!!!! QUERO!!!