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October 03, 2014

In The Mood For

{hommade cookies for this weekend new series' marathon}

With three new series [for me] on this weekend's cozy agenda - The Bridge, Gotham and The Americans - and with the season's [finally] change of the weather forecasted from this Saturday on  I am more than willing to enjoy time at home after the craze of birthday parties happening every week for the past month, in doubles or triples, no less! A massive cleaning is also about to begin and decluttering is going to start right away. With Fall and its sense of a renovating cycle of new beginnings I am eager to give my life a good change! Have lots of fun. I'm in the mood for...

{classic navy blazer, red lips and messy waves for a date night}

{delicate gold rings and wild flowers arrangements}

{these Chanel timelessly classic ballerinas for an utterly sophisticated feel}

{loving the natural and organic vibe of this house's décor}

{the cutest additions to my endless collection of tiny earrings}

{major crush for this leopard clutch}


  1. Pois... cá por casa começou não o outono mas a época das viroses, e como flor de estufa que sou este fim de semana apetece-me é ficar de cama. Só que não looool. Bom fim de semana!

  2. Hi Aida! Tv series planned this weekend even for me!:P And I also have to tidy up, especially my closet since I have to take out all the heaviest clothes. Btw, those earrings are utterly cute and simply adore the leopard clutch! Have a wonderful weekend my friend, hugs! xo