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April 21, 2015

The Colours of Nature - Part 1

Nature and its dazzling colours never cease to amaze me. I wonder how is it even possible that nature has to offer so many beautiful color variations and subtle nuances.   Springtime always brings along the best of nature - from pastel to pop, the blooming flowers and the sun shining more and more - so it's no wonder, when we slow down and and take the time to notice the extraordinary beauty around us, the natural world comes alive with inspiration that easily translate into the most beautiful fashion and make up colour palettes for the season.


  1. amazing pics...i love this color

  2. Linda imagens, do que mais gosto na vida é mesmo ir vendo o avançar das estações ao longo dos anos, as cores que mudam, as sensações que dão... infelizmente o animal humano não aprecia e só sabe é dar cabo do nosso bem mais precioso: a natureza.

  3. Spring colors are so bright! And I love to dress to match my natural environment.