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April 20, 2015

Sexy Feet

With spring sunny days developing beautifully and summer fast approaching [and along with it open-toed sandals season and your feet completely on display] it is high time to get your sexy feet game on point since cracked feet are unattractive and can drastically spoil your overall look - what's the point of being all pampered up if your feet were compeltely negleted? My feet are far from being perfect but at least I try to have them looking soft, healthy and with a nice pedicure all in the not costly comfort of my home. Spend a little time in doing at home pedicure and you will get your feet looking pretty, beautifully nourished and gorgeous in no time.

My at home Pedicure rule of thumb:
  •  Appropriate Supplies/ Tools -  Nail Clippers, Nail File, Nail Polish Remover, Cuticle oil, Cuticle Stick / Pusher, Cotton Pads, Pumice Stone/ Dr. Scholl's Velvet Smooth Express Pedi machine [my absolute favourite], Hydrating Cream/ Gel, Nail Polish, Nail Coat
  •  Feet Soaking Fill a basin with enough warm water to cover your feet up to ankles and add a few drops of a foot wash of your choice or shower gel and essential oils [lavender relaxes and rejuvenates the skin and helps ease the nerves]. Soak your feet for about 10 minutes and dry your feet with a towel thereafter. This method will help you to get soften your crackled and dry feet making it easier to get rid of dead cells.
  •  Trimming and Filing your nails - Cut toe nails straight across just above the skin so that your nails should not extend over the tips of your toes. Use at least three cuts on each nail, as clipping the whole nail in one go may lead to cutting too close to the skin. Do not cut corners too much to avoid painful ingrown nails. Use a nail file and file your nails in one direction, until they are even and slightly rounded at the corners.
  •  Exfoliating / Pushing back cuticles -  Firstly apply cuticle cream/ oil and leave it there. Remove the dead skin cells with pumice stone,  a dry foot file or Dr. Scholl's machine. If you do not remove dead skin cells, they will become hard and thick and may be infected and cracked later. Spend two minutes on each foot focusing on the areas where the skin is rough and dry [heel and balls of the feet, sides of your heel and around your toes], but avoid scrubbing too harshly to prevent skin tear and irritation. Stop if your foot turns red. Now wipe off the cuticle cream and gently push back the cuticles with cuticle pusher. Neat, rounded cuticles will give your feet a pretty look.
  •   Moisturizing - After you finish with scrubbing, wash your feet clean and .dry them thoroughly. Then, slather your feet with some moisturizer and put on clean cotton socks. It’s best to do this before you sleep cause then the moisturizing effect will be greater.
  •  Polishing Toe Nails -If you prefer it simple, just apply a coat of clear polish, but if you're up to color, then first apply a thin base coat. Use three strokes. One down the middle then on each side. Make it sure not to paint cuticles.Wait for the base coat to dry out then apply two coats of nail polish of your choice. Let the first coat dry before you apply the second coat. This will make your nail polish last longer. Finish with a thin top coat.
Now put on your most beautiful pair of sandals and show off your beautiful feet!


  1. Oh my Aida, you just remind me I need one asap before I start to leave mine bare too, and I cant wait to it!:) Your tips are perfect, I always adore also the black lacquer on feet, give them a super chic mood!:) Hugs, happy monday! xo

  2. I love those pretty heels on the first pic.. amazing post though.. I love reading it <3



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  3. so interesting post..thanks for sharing all these interesting tips

  4. I think it's really important to take care of your feet as well and it's easy to forget about them when focusing on your hands mostly!

    Much love xxx

  5. yes,, it's true!! love first pair of sandals!

  6. Ainda não estou preparada para pôr os pés de fora, ainda ando de meias e tudo!!

  7. Que bonito es ver unos pies asi de perfectos y bien cuidados todos preciosos. Mil besicos querida amiga

  8. so cute photos ;-)

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  9. a good reminder! time to take care of the feets!

  10. Wonderful post. I love the shoes in the first picture so much.

  11. I had an aunt that taught me that a lady isn't really groomed unless she has a pedicure, and she was right! Aside from being groomed, a pedicure keeps your feet healthy, especially as you get older. I think it's awful when women wear sandals with sloppy-looking feet. Your advice is perfect!