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April 13, 2015

Cartier's Love Bracelet

I am a jewelry lover. I prefer simple, modern and elegant designs and for me, Cartier's iconic 1970's LOVE bracelet is the epitome of elegance, classic and timeless. The design was originally conceived to symbolize eternal love; it consists of two C-shaped halves which are then secured using two working screws on either side and its classic design comes in yellow, pink or white gold, while more intricate designs feature yellow and pink sapphires, garnets and amethysts. Either way, it looks appropriate on all occasions, worn as easily with piles of diamonds as it is with fresh skin and a simple Tee. The only but is its price range, almost 5000 euros. How far would you go for LOVE?


  1. Big love indeed!:) This bracelet is onto my wishlist from ages, is so plain and yet timeless chic! I want it!:) Hope you have a wonderful bday my dear, have a fab week ahead! xo

  2. Não sou por aí além fã de joias. Gosto de acessórios, claro, sejam eles de alta joalheria ou simples bugiganga, gosto de andar a par de trends e modismos nessa categoria. Mas no que toca a comprar, só compro bijuteria - bom, nem poderia comprar outra coisa eheheh, mas mesmo que pudesse - porque conhecendo-me já muy bien, apercebi-me que por mais cenas que tenha que sejam fashion spot on e trendy e o caneco, acabo sempre, sempre a usar a mesma coisa: os anéis e brincos victorianos das minhas bisavós!!! Chega a ser ridiculo eu ter tanta tralha e depois dou por mim com tudo guardado e eu sempre com as mesmas coisas em cima do lombo...

  3. so nice pics; ]

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  4. I wouldn't go 5000 euros, but I have picked up a lot of great jewelry at thrift shops!

  5. It is such a stunning bracelet. However, with that pricetag I would be petrified about losing it. X