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April 08, 2015

Red Pepper & Spicy Chorizo Quiche

This quiche instantly became one of my favourites. It has spring written all over it, full of flavour but still quite light this delicious quiche makes for a delightful light lunch or starter for an alfresco dinner party. You can of course enjoy it indoors too, it won’t alter the taste one bit, I promise you. It also reminds me of Mexico, maybe because of the spicy kick of the chorizo. If you're a quiche lover like I am you got to give this one a try asap.

  • 1 puff pastry sheet 
  •  4 eggs
  • 1 Greek yogurt
  • 1 cottage cheese
  • 1 spicy chorizo
  • 1 red pepper
  •  1 onion
  •  olive oil
  •  chilli
  •  5 mill berries

Place the puff pastry on the mold and poke the bottom with a fork. Reserve.Take a frying pan to medium heat with olive oil, onion, and chili and let caramelize lightly. Then add the cut chorizo and red pepper and let sauté well. In a bowl beat the Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs and pour a dash of 5 berries mill. Allow the chorizo and pepper to cool a little and put it in the mold. Pour over the cream base . Take to  a pre heated oven at 180 degrees for about 30m.

  • 1 folha de massa folhada
  • 4 ovos
  • 1 iogurte grego
  • 1 queijo fresco
  • 1 chouriço picante
  • 1 pimento vermelho
  • 1 cebola
  • azeite
  • piripiri
  • moinho 5 bagas

Colocar a massa folhada na forma forrada e picar o fundo da massa com um garfo.Reservar. Levar uma sertã ao lume com azeite, cebola e piri piri e deixar alourar. Juntar então o chouriço e o pimento vermelho cortados às rodelas e deixar saltear bem. Numa taça bater o iogurte grego, o queijo fresco, os ovos e deitar uma pitada de moinho 5 bagas. Deixar arrefecer um pouco ochourilo e o pimento e vertê-lo na forma. Deitar por cima o creme da base. Levar ao forno pré aquecido a 180º cerca de 30 minutos. 


  1. So yum! As I was reading this post my Boyfriend walked past and asked if that's what I was making for dinner!!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  2. I am mouthwatering right now and I am blaming you for it!!! send me some puhhhleazzzze!!!!!

  3. Morning Aida! Hope you had an amazing Easter time with many yummy treats!:) You see, you are the queen of the quiches as I always tell you! It looks so tasty and delicious, and it reminds me of Mexico too!:) Many hugs! xo

  4. ui essa quiche é mesmo a minha cara!!! chouriço e pimento, aiai!!

  5. Essa quiche ficou fantástica podia vir uma fatia bem generosa para o meu almoço

  6. Adoro quiches. A tua ficou com um aspecto maravilhoso.

    Adorei a tua sugestão de ingredientes: pimento vermelho e chouriço picante. Deve ficar saboroso.


  7. I love anything with chorizo. Have you been to Mexico? A beautiful and enchanting place. I went to school there when I was young. It has so sadly changed since then.

  8. i love cooking, thank yoy for recipe!! quiche is my fav!!

  9. Ohhh amiga querida !! Que cosa más rica

  10. wow looks delicious
    Have a lovely week
    Stay in touch

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