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January 06, 2015

December Beauty Buys

The holidays festivities always require an extra attention to my overall look as I usually spend lots of time surrounded either by relatives or friends and I care about I present myself to them. Often it doesn't involve  a lot of production but I do appreciate smelling greatly, having my nails presentable and portraying an healthy glow on my face. These products have been my favourite for the past month and I do hope you'll enjoy them.

 1.I bought St. Tropez illuminator online and I personally found it to be great and exceeded expectations.This looks lovely on my cheekbones mixed with my regular blushes giving my cheeks a a luminous, glowing effect. It is not tacky in appearance and not overly subtle, just right and can perfectly be worn day time or built up a bit for night wear. It is also very good for subtly highlighting  legs and cleavage and it just smells lovely. My new favourite for sure!

 2.Grey is an awesome neutral and it has become a very hot trend for Fall/ Winter and I am ecstaticabout it. This Anny's contemporary color is chic and effortlessly cool with a sophisticated edge and urbanite feel. It’s not too dark or too light, but just right. This grey polish perfectly suits fall’s dramatic mood and tonal intensity for an elegant and sophisticated manicure.

 3.I bought this perfume in the beginning of December and have been wearing it ever since. It is a strong, sweet vanilla scent with surprising notes of coffee and later it smells a bit like chocolate. It is quite nice for evenings and winter months and it seems to have a decent staying power too. Sweet and spicy, warm and deep, mysterious and intense, Black Opium is one to try, even for those who don't particularly gravitate towards sweeter scents - this one may surprise you, as it did for me. 


  1. Adorooooo esse perfume!!

  2. Lovely products!

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  3. so nice.. ; -)


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  4. These flowers are so beautiful, honey! And I love the nail polish too. http://www.chicfromhair2toe.com/

  5. I'm entranced by the illuminator. I've never tried one, not having a cleavage upon which to put it. But I do have cheekbones. Somewhere.