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January 23, 2015

In The Mood For

{late afternoon snacks of crepes and ice-cream, despite the hell freezing weather}

Lately I've been finding relaxation [and realized it is a great way of putting my mind at rest from the inevitable hustle and bustle of daily life] with TV programmes that are pure entertainment, despiete still learning some interesting facts from them as well, namely Oddities,Dragon's Den, Storage WarsAmerican Pickers and Hoarders. The year is slowly developing nicely and I’m glad the weekend has come back around again and we have a couple of low-key days ahead. What are all of you up to this weekend? Hope it is fun and relaxing one! I'm in the mood for..

{super simple outfits with great accessories - casual, comforting, polished}

{mixing a bunch of teene tiny gold necklaces - looks chic at all times}

{archiving inspiring images to get ideas for the new house décor - love this super classy artsy vibe}

{comforting food that can't be more traditional}

{going dark all the way for this week's nailpolish manicure - a timeless classic}

{earrings with a vintage vibe that look even better when put on}


  1. Hi Aida! Still dont know what Im going to do but for sure one thing, relax! I have now a huge craving for crepes, oh my that gif is appetizing! The black satin nail polish is to die for and totally love the earrings. Have an amazing weekend my dear, hugs! xo

  2. eh lá esses brincos!!! Lindos de mais, amei!! Espero que tenhas um excelente fim de semana, com muitooooooo relax!

  3. I love those necklaces! Stunning! Have a wonderful weekend dear! X

  4. Doesn't a great bag dress up everything? Enjoy your dreamy weekend, sweetheart!