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January 05, 2015

She Wore Blue Velvet...

Velvet's deep rich appearance and tactile  nature smooth fabric makes it quite a seductive choice to wear either day or nightitme. It exudes sophistication, sharpness, luxury and unmistakable elegance. It's fanciful and interesting and it's very alluring. I have three velvet jackets from past seasons that I still wear nowadays - a dark green, a midnight blue and a cotton candy pink one, naturally, and  they create a to-die-for female dandy look. Obviously the more classic the style, the more longevity. If you’re unsure of how to wear velvet, you might want to start off with subtle accessories rather than dramatic velvet clothing. Tell me, are you a velvet hater or lover?


  1. nice. look ;-)


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  2. Lovely inspiration! Have a nice day Aida! :*

  3. Morning Aida! Im a velvet lover without any doubt! I don't actually own much in this fabric, just a dress and a skirt but for sure Id love to get a jacket or some pants. Blue velvet is so chic and classy, is perfect for this time of the year too! Your photos are very inspiring and amazing as always. Have a wonderful week ahead my dear, many hugs! xo

  4. Amo veludo!! Como passei por uma longaaaaa fase de me vestir á la gótico black metaller, muito veludo passou por este corpinho. Ainda recentemente me deparei com um malão com roupas antigas que já nem me servem, e era tudo em veludo, desde um vestido medieval a um vestido cacai, outro de alças e até aos pés, uma saia, um top de costas estilo corpete, um casaco a três quartos, um casaco medieval, enfim... e tive um fato de calça casaco em veludo azul, pois claro, midnight blue. Era um sonho!!

  5. Olá Aida!!!!
    Adoro veludo, o toque, a maciez e o brilho...fiquei de coração partido quando foi deixado de lado nas últimas estações...rsrsrs
    Amei a composição dos looks!!!
    Beijos com os desejos de um 2015 recheado de coisas boas pra você e toda família!!! =)

  6. Velvet. Im not too sure about this. Being a child of the 70's, living through the velvet rich 80's I just don't know if I can stomach wearing it again. Like, it looks super pretty on others but I guess I'm not that into velvet.

  7. hi dear,great selection..
    i love velvet

  8. Hola Aída !! Me encanta el azul sobretodo en terciopelo !! Adore esos pantalones anchos

  9. I love BLUE velvet, and I have been coming the thrift shops for YEARS looking for the perfect blue velvet piece. Still haven't found it, but you have given me new motivation.