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January 30, 2015

In The Mood For

{love seeing roses survive throughout wintery days}

I have no attachment to winter whatsoever, a season I don't like at all. For me it translates into constant humidity, permanent grey skies, unpleasant and annoying rain, harsh winds, freezing early mornings/ nights and I really don't funtion properly up until the first steady rays of sunshine spread announcing a most wanted Spring. I'm glad January it's a wrap by now - it always seems such a long month to endure, mainly because it's coming back to face daily life's hard facts after all the entertainment of the past festivities. With three new exceptional cookbooks on the agenda for this weekend and some hearty dishes on my mind I'll be seeking moments of calm and finding balance. Wish you a cozy one! I'm in the mood for...

{an all black ensemble and a great camel coat and I'm good to go}

{beautiful polished manicures to fight back dull, gloomy days}

{still on the hunt for the perfect kitchen island's stolls}

{baking homemade bread in a traditional firewood oven for the first time}

{the cute print of this fancy handbag - at ZARA, new collection}

{falling in love with ZARA HOME's new bedding collection}


  1. I feel also a bit tired by this winter, thanks God it's not so strong as it sometimes is in this part of the world

  2. Hi Aida! I know what you mean, Im counting the days till the spring, is so gloomy and rainy here today, I will follow your weekend plans indeed. The nail polish is so lovely and Im watering seeing the bread, Id love to taste it!:) Have a marvelous weekend my dear, hugs! xo

  3. great selection..the first coat is amazing..i like its color

  4. Ai tambem estou a pedir a Primavera, este tempo anda a deitar-me abaixo, com tanta coisa para fazer e só me apetece é sentar a bunda e escrever, escrever... ou então dormir. Bom findi!!

  5. Dear Aida, I am so happy to see the end of January too...and with a bit of luck it will get a little warmer. I long to feel the warmth of the sun on my face, I long to eat salads instead of soups, I long to get my too white body out of the layers and freeing it in the warmer days. So far no luck, it seems it is getting colder! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I couldn't agree more about winter! I'm already counting down the days until it's sunny and Spring!

  7. o camel coat tb era coisa para animar nestes dias... giro esse da foto!

  8. January IS so long, and I consider January 31st the end of winter. In spite of the fact that I'm snowed-in by a February blizzard at the moment. But February is a short month, easy to ignore, and March is spring, no matter what the weather. Still too cold and messy to wear my "new" thrifted camel hair coat, but I have something to look forward to.