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January 02, 2015

In The Mood For

{...and I sincerely wish that it'll be the great beginning for a fantastic year}

The prospect of a clean slate brought on by a new year always makes us shift our perspective on things. I don't want to create unrealistic challenges/ expectations anymore, for one of the things I've learnt from the past year was to relativize the course of events, specially the less positive ones. So although my personal tradition of writing down some practical wishes I aspire to see come true is already done my aim throughout this year is to actively spread loveliness around me, make time for treasured moments with those who really matter and just become a better version of me.I'm in the mood for...

{making an effort to reinvigorate my look on a daily basis}

 {eager to elevate my cooking  skills to the impressiveness of this unexpected gift}

{beauty discounts of 25% that still bring along free samples}

{a tiny jewel to bring good luck into the new year}

{an amazing new scent that makes my house smell greatly}

{first new year's day tradition - a dish involving delicious seafood - spicy shrimp rice}


  1. Happy New Year my friend, hope it started at the best! I have your same wish for this 2015 :) Btw, your cooking skills are already flawless, Im looking forward to see all the delicious recipes you are going to share! The shrimps rice sounds so good, is a tradition food also here. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs! xo

  2. A KENWOOD!!!! A par com um tacho Le Creuset é tipo o meu sonho de consumo, ter uma Kenwood loool, mas daquelas com acessório para picar carne e fazer salsichas - sim, é o next aim, fazer as nossas próprias salsichas, já fizémos um salsichão de perú e correu bem eheheheh.

  3. This Year i am going to concentrate on my mąkę up which i often ignore😄

  4. What a great way to start the brand new year: I love shrimps. I cannot wait to see the lovely cakes you'll be whipping up with your new present. You already spread so much loveliness to all those around you and us lucky ones who get to follow you on the blog. X

  5. NICE mixer! And, yes, reinvigorate your look every day. That's how I roll, and it's AMAZING what new combinations are waiting for you in your closet/makeup bag!