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January 20, 2015

Wood File Cabinet

As a passionate reader and owner of quite a great book collection [I just regret not having bought even more books when life was easier and my finantial status was not so strict instead of buying so many magazines that eventually had to be thrown away at some point]I've always wished to own a wood file cabinet where all the books data files could be properly stored by author, just like I used to see in the beautiful old libraries at the University of Coimbra, where I used to spend a good amount of time reading the foreign authors I didn't have access to by other means then. I have a major crush for those with a very lived-in look, the vintage classical ones that add a touch of class and timeless feel to your home and that besides functional are always also so stylish. Here are some I would love to have and this is a dream I haven't put aside just yet.


  1. Love these antique cabinets!

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  2. Gosto muitoooooooo deste tipo de mobiliario, mas no meu caso confesso que gosto de ter os meus livros em estantes, á vista - se não os vejo en passant, fico doente!! - e gostaria de um móvel destes para roupa, acessórios, lingerie... são peças de investimento, mas que te duram uma vida inteira!!

  3. so lovely; -))


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  4. Is never too late to make your dream true! Id like to own one too, just love the rustic and yet classy vibe it gives to the space. Great feature dear! xo