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January 09, 2015

In The Mood For

{baking cookies for this weekend's movies marathon/ Golden Globes awards}

Coming back to the usual routine after a month full of celebrations, leisure time and get-togethers can get a little stressful. So I've been breaking things into manageable pieces so that my to-do lists do not become too overwhelming and they can be worked on a daily basis providing me satisfaction with each accomplishment, specially when I realize that running myself down is actually helping no one. I wish you have a nice weekend and enjoy the nominations for the Golden Globes as well get inspired by the parade of usual great make up/ inspirational hairdos, not to mention the glamorous dresses actresses usually show off. I'm in the mood for...

{starting the first decluttering of 2015 - bathroom makeover on the run}

{crushing on classical shirts, nice accessories and fake fur vests}

{bare face and orange lips - a great anticipation of Spring}

 {the first cake in my Kenwood - English Cake for Los Reys day}

{a great citrusy batch from my parents´farm to fight the influenza virus}

{ taking down the decorations - least favourite part about the holidays}


  1. Morning Aida! Im slowly getting back to the usual routine as well, so true, taking down the decorations is the least fav thing of holidays, both cause is sad and cause Im lazy!:p Bw, your parent's farm must be so great, that citrus batch is gorgeous! And love also that natural look with orange lips, so springy!:) Happy weekend dear, hugs xo

  2. eu até chorei quando tive de tirar as minhas decorações de Natal. Bom, chorar não chorei, mas fico sempre um nadinha emocionada, nos primeiros dias a casa parece super vazia sem aquele excesso, mas depois começo a gostar de novo de ver as coisas a voltarem ao normal ehehehh. Ah tb andas a dar nos citrinos para afugentar a bela da gripe, eu tb. Bom findi!!

  3. I would LOVE to have a peak into your make up drawer. I am sure it is filled with so many goodies. Have a wonderful weekend dear Aida, I'll be right along there with you watching the Golden Globes!

  4. beatiful make up
    pity that the colors is absolutely not for me:(

  5. Cookies! You ARE a brave girl. If I eat one more cookie, I will have to begin Weight Watchers.

  6. Que buen efecto de la foto en movimiento de la primera imagen