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January 16, 2015

In The Mood For

{searching for an unusual coffee machine}

The rainy season has returned this week and it seems that is here to stay for long this time around. Naturally it will translate into cozy and warm weekends in, getting some little projects done around the house and eventually stepping out just for running errands. Home décor and fashion next season's collections are already available online so I am planning on spending some time hunting down some special items I have in mind. As nothing very exciting happens I mean to counter the dull, grey skies the best as I can - sorting out my wardrobe, de-cluttering my space and making a concerted effort to stay organized throughout the whole year. Hope you all have lovely weekend. I'm in the mood for...

{simple, casual outfits with an unexpected touch}

{lighting a woodsy/ chocolaty scented candle on a daily basis}

{intrincate jewelry - love wood mixed with stones for winter}

 {homemade traditional honey licquour bought at a street market last month}

{long walks through the woods nearby}

{comforting meals - delicious rabbit rice}


  1. Love that coffee machine!

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  2. Comidinhas boas e sofá, é tudo o que eu aguento este fim de semana!!!

  3. Moring Aida! So sorry for the rain, they say it will arrive soon also here!:/ Btw, I have your same plans for the weekend, at least we will dream of the next sunny season!:) That ring is super cool and I would curious to try that licqueur, seems very tasty with honey. Hope you have a beautiful weekend my dearest, many hugs! xo

  4. Wish it was warm enough here to wear strappy little sandals! X

  5. I like the outfit very much!
    have a great weekend:)

  6. I still use the drip method above for my beloved coffee, because my kitchen is so small there is no room for a "coffee maker". That honey licquor, in a cup of tea, would get me through winter just fine...

  7. love everything about your outfit especially the shoes

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