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January 13, 2015

Playroom & Reading Spaces

I'm a firm believer that the importance of books and regular  reading habits should be implemented from an early age and therfore it is of utmost importance to create a designated space for kids that's both inspirational and special; a nice, cozy place where great books are easily at hand and that will set the mood for the reading moment [whether the reading is done by themselves or you participate in reading to them]. The kids' play room can be easily transformed into a pleasant reading area that doesn't require an out of this world effort. I hope you'll get inspired by these beautiful playrooms turned into reading nooks in order to create your own children's little corner of the world.


  1. Ai felizmente o meu puto não precisa que eu lhe faça cantinhos de leitura - porque nem espaço tenho looool - para lhe apetecer ler ou ver um livro!! Então desde que começou o primeiro ano, parece uma máquina de leitura eheheh, a querer ler tudo o que lhe aparece á frente. Sou de opinião também que se devem tentar criar hábitos de leitura e de gosto pelos livros nas crianças desde tenra idade e não tenho vergonha nenhuma de dizer que aos 4 meses de gravidez fui para a Fnac comprar livros para o puto, já em antecipação. AInda antes de lhe comprar sequer um babygrow ou um body, comprei dois livros ahahahahh!!

  2. Love these reading areas!

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  3. I read to my children from the time they were able to prop up on my lap (5-6 months), and - believe me - they loved it and went on to be brilliant scholars. And I adore the world map on the wall! We used a laminated world map (I am a map geek) as a giant place mat on our table and discussed world events at meals.

  4. Cute and lovely!
    Kisses and hugs *___*

  5. Love this! The first one is perfection :)

  6. Such a wonderful way to encourage your children to read. Great post.