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June 30, 2014

Peachy Blush Blazer

I love blazers and this in particular is a wardrobe must-have -  elegant, feminine, soft, romantic, timeless and trés chic! You can style it sophisticated, sporty, sexy or even add a chic work-wear vibe to your ensemble with a peachy blush blazer.  It can cheer up a look, blends well with pretty much anything in your closet and when mixed with jeans, white, beige or black it will help you balance its girly nature. It is also flattering for all skin tones and feels particularly fresh. That being said and considering that the sales season is already open, what are you waiting for to go grab your own?


  1. Hi Aida! Thats so true, love this garment as well but you just reminded me I do not own any in this shade, I just need one and for sure will search it during the sales! Your images are pure inspiration!:) Many hugs! xo

  2. My favorite is the one with the, is it royal blue jeans? Nice post dear!

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  4. I look embalmed in that color. And it's so lovely...I'll just be content to admire it on others, I guess.

  5. népias, não me convence, um blazer assim num tom meio pessego meio salmão a mim não me chama nadinha ehehehh.