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June 06, 2014

In The Mood For

{ a nice pop of colour always makes me feel put together}

I'm so glad this mayhem work week is finally coming to an end, the lousy weather being the only thing putting me down a bit, because I've been longing for sunny days and golden evenings for a long time. This weekend is all about simple things - sweetly-scented roses frsh from the garden brightening the kitchen and the bedroom, relaxed brunches, fashion magazines, reading some new cookbooks and stocking up on decadent snacks before a great movie night.  I wish you a great weekend. I'm in the mood for...  

{the nicest pre summer ensemble - gold accessories, a flirty white blouse and washed out jeans}

{pretty coral nails the promptly exhude summertime}

{this breathtaking kitchen - so beautiful I wouldn't even dare cooking there!}

{definitely saving this garlic and thyme bread idea for a an upcoming get together}

{a must-have whenever Spring or Summer is around}

{beautifully scented roses that embellish and perfume my kitchen}


  1. Dear Aida, seems you had a pretty hectic week, hope you get some rest. That summer combo is so inspiring and definitely would love to wear it, as I love the red lipstick and that kitchen, for sure the perfect place for ur recipes!:) Oh Lambrusco, Im addicted to it too!:) Have a wonderful weekend, many hugs my friend xo

  2. nice pics!! = ]



  3. Hi Aida,

    Beautiful photos - love the little pink roses - is that a Cecil Brunner?
    Happy weekend

  4. Hello amiga Aida.....you will never cease to inspire me with your posts! I am in love with that boho inspired top & that lipstick!!! I am totally missing you at the blog!!!


  5. Amazing inpirations!


  6. AIAIAIAIAIAIII o Lambrusco!!! Infelizmente o meu marido não gosta nada nada, por isso só muitoooooo raramente o bebo. Apetece-me também usar uma blusa estilo eduardiana e jeans, tem piada.