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June 03, 2014

Smeg Fridges

If you have a small kitchen and want to decorate it in a 50's retro style this is the ideal fridge! Smeg's great design and energy efficiency takes the fridge to another level, to the status of a style icon always in trend - beautiful colours, vintage design, classic sinuous lines and it's quite versatile, fitting country to industrial or modern kitchens... even if  you have the most boring kitchen you can instantly uplift it by adding a smeg refrigerator! I personally wouldn't mind having one in the new house...after all, it's a true beauty, isn't it?


  1. I need a new fridge and my kitchen is the size of a closet! I showed these to my husband and he LOVED them! Do the have a bright blue? Can I buy them in the U.S.???

  2. so nice <33333

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  3. I love the green one. It goes so well with the purple.

  4. Eu hesitei em abrir este post, juro que hesitei, pq já sabia q ia passar o resto do meu dia DEPRIMIDAAAAA da vida, já que tenho 3 sonhos de consumo: um Porsche, um Aga e um Smeg. Agora tu vê lá e não te desgraces, não faças um post com Agas mas muito menos um com Porsches, tu estás-me a ouvir, rapariga???? eheheheheh são LINDOOOOS!!