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June 02, 2014

Chanel Espadrilles

If I think about espadrilles in general they're the type of shoes I imagine myself wearing only at home or at the beach, mostly for its absolutely casual and relaxed vibe, but when it comes to the shoe of the moment, the upscale version of the regular espadrille by Chanel, I won't need to give it a second thought to know would take these babies anywhere, specially if they were the leather model! They're the perfect summer shoe . lightweight, comfortable, cute, classy, easy attitude with a clear finesse. Their versatility allows them to look great either with all sorts of outfits - from a pair of shorts to a flowy sundress, redifining the hot, sultry summer style. Are you ready for laid-back glamour on a daily basis?


  1. I love this shoes! Amazing inspirations!!
    Have a nice day:) Kisses**

  2. Truly, they are SO cute! I don't buy Chanel. But I DO buy Tom's, which are (almost) as cute and very comfotable, too.

    1. Sorry to say...Tom's are definetly NOT almost as cute ...I agree with you on the comfortable part! I couldn't buy them cause they run small! :(

  3. Sou fã confessa de alpargatas, mas as que ainda me aquecem e muito o coração são daquelas de cunha em corda que se usou muito nos idos de 80 - foram tipo os meus primeiros sapatos de salto, tinha eu 13 anitos eheheheh!!!