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July 01, 2014

Masculine Meets Feminine

Moving in with your significant other, either you are married or not, can cause some stress in what concerns home décor. Sometimes it takes years to sort that out, other times couples easily adjust and often the process of decorating a common household reveals itself a great experience! Either way, it is frankly and positively possible to combine masculine and feminine décor in a very pleasant and artistic way. It is very important to see what design styles appeal to the both of you and let your personalities mesh. By pairing the ultra girly with masculine elements  the space will feel lived in, balanced and nurtured.After all you can cohabit happily ever after, but still maintain your own personality!



  1. que lindas imagenes tanto masculinas como femeninas Aida querida !! adore ese sillon en capitone rosa !que tenga un buen comienzo de semana!!

  2. My experience with the "masculine" tells me that there should be piles of newspapers and assorted mismatched furniture, including a couch and/or chair that is a thousand-years-old that they can't bear to part with.

    In the den, maybe?

  3. So true! Cant believe how flawless, peaceful and calm the mix of the two things can be also in decor. For sure, Id love to move in some of these gorgeous spaces! Amazing inspiration and feature Aida! xo

  4. imagens espectaculares, alta inspiração mesmo.