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June 13, 2014

In The Mood For

{baking treats for a birthday party this Sunday}

It’s officially  summer holidays weather, minus the holidays!  I’ve been longing for hot sunny days, sun-kissed hues and al fresco meals at the weekend for longer than I could have wanted. The free and easy feeling that comes with the heat and the open air is slowly settling into my mood...Today there is an outdoor shared lunch at my workplace and my contribution is already in the oven, while it's still fresh in the morning. If the temperatures keep on rising I'll replace the cupcakes for a fresh passion fruit pudding for Sunday that requires all but the fridge. I hope you all have a great wekend. I'm in the mood for..

{loads of classy gold dainty rings}

{the crispness and timeless feel of a simple white shirt}

{the lovely and whimsical decor of this nursery room}

{the first apricots of the season that taste and smell so good}

{the frondous flower pink shower at my neighbour's gorgeous backyard}

 {great boots that can be worn this upcoming Fall - almost on sale at Sapataria Gumarães}


  1. Hi Aida! Oh, I am as you, longed for it a lot and Im so glad summertime is here. Mmm your weekend treats sounds already very yummy, Im sure you will make everyone happy! Love those fine rings and the booties too! Enjoy the weekend and have lots of fun! Hugs! xo

  2. I like "almost on sale". Have a wonderful weekend, sweetheart, and I'll talk to everyone when I'm back in Chicago.