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June 09, 2014

Crop Tops

First things first - unless you have  totally flat abs [I'm off the list as well, don't feel down] this trend really isn't for you! Also if you're on the bustier side [count me in this time] maybe you shouldn't dare it as well. Nevertheless, when done properly it can look sexy and concomitanly sophisticated. I love it when the bottom is high-waisted or more conservative and no belly button is shown - it looks very poised and ladylike; a low key make up adds a certain sultriness and just the right amount of skin showing adds a little extra flair and sex appeal. The truth is you have a great variety of options if you dare to bare your midriff. I hope you'll get inspired by these beautiful crop tops!


  1. great look ;)))


    nice photos :)
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  2. Hi Aida! I do love this trend too but I dont know if I would dare to wear it! I also like the combo with high waisted pieces and when the belly button isnt shown, the images are all beautiful and very inspiring!:) Have a great week, hugs! xo

  3. Depois de ter visto algumas mocinhas bem bulkier, sem flat abs e de peitaça generosa a usar crop tops e mandar bruto estilo, tenho de discordar contigo: crop top é para quem quiser eheheheh.