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June 16, 2014

Sheer Seduction

The sheer top must be one of the most intricate wardrobe pieces to pull off because if you reveal too little  you will lose the sultriness effect and if you reveal too much and you’re sure to be cited for indecency. That being said, there are ways, however to make it work either in a professional environment for an impressive look or at a festive and more alluring occasion.If you want to bring this trend into your workplace do it tastefully and be sure to keep it served in small doses, keep the look as clean and minimalist as possible, wear light colours, pastels, creams and then let your see-through accents expose just one area at the time- shoulders, arms, midriffs or knees -this can provide a luxurious and still very appealing look. At a party, you can give transparency a more potential go and a see-through dress will surely turn some heads, but remind to do your make up minimal to elevate the classiness of your attire. Now tell me, are you ready to show a little skin?



  1. Hi Aida! Yep I am! I find this trend utterly feminine and sexy! I always love sheer tops, shirt in particular and I need to get new ones as well!:) Your street style inspiration is flawless, for sure gave me many outfit ideas! Happy Monday my friend, have a great week ahead! Hugs! xo

  2. full of inspiration!
    nice post!!

  3. Great post! I love this type of fabric! :)


  4. Gosto muito muito muito de uns toques de transparência, mas nada vulgar.