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June 24, 2014

Femme Domain

I love seeing homes and rooms or just small details that are unmistakably feminine. I love luscious sherbet shades of sweet pinks, muted tones that are elegant and fresh, a gorgeous and graceful headboard, intricate patterns, ultra-feminine, serene, comfy and loose white bedding, soft fabrics, flowers, cool floor mirrors,  a lucite bedside table, touches of shine, chandeliers, rounded shapes, cozy rugs and cushions that give the place a ladylike atmosphere or that look fabulously flirty and girly. Tell me who of you would want to spend at least one night in a sweetly feminine space?


  1. Count me as well! Love feminine spaces too, they are light, classy and make me feel fine! These images are outstanding, wanna move in some of these places!:) xo

  2. God, I want to spend my whole LIFE in a girly, feminine space! Unfortunately, my husband would set fire to it.

  3. ADOROOOO!! Só no hall é que pude esbaldar-me em toques femininos e rosadinhos e bem girly, que cá em casa estou em profunda minoria eheheheh!!!