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September 29, 2015

September Beauty Buys

I am totally in love with these products and I hope you'll enjoy them!

1. My hair type is  long, fine and straight which can be a bit problematic to untangle. I found that with the tangle teezer brush it takes less than half the time to get through my tangles because the tangle teezer glides through your hair without tugging it, causing a lot less damage, and therefore being much kinder to your hair than a regular brush. The bristles aren’t that long,but I found that the most effective way to use this brush was to section up my hair rather than trying to get the brush through all of it at once.I opted for the compact style version as it’s smaller than other models and fits perfectly into my handbag making for an amazing and super practical travel accessory. It was worth every single euro. This product has been the number one life-changer for me and I would never, ever want to be without. Thanks for the tip Sofia!

2. I was dying to get my hands on this sponge and I am so glad I did! I have been interested in this sponge since the very first day I saw it on one of the many youtube videos it is presented in. I just loved how it worked. I absolutely love the way my foundation looks when applied with it. It is better than using a brush in my opinion and it's also so much more fun! My foundation goes on beautifully! I'm not sure if its the material, the moisture, or a little of both, but I think my foundation not only looks smoother but lasts longer. I usually wash this sponge three times a week . Overall, I'm a fan! I highly recommed this product.

3. This is supposed to be a curling mascara and I am not sure whether it is the brush or the formula but it really is! This Benefit mascara has a nice, lightweight formula that keeps the curl in place, adding length without needing to use eyelash curlers. I can actually feel the brush going right into my roots and covering my lashes without clumping and it never smears or runs, never feels dried out. It's a really nice mascara that makes the lashes look amazing.This is my go-to high end mascara as of late. I have had so many compliments whilst wearing it!.


  1. Ando com vontade de experimentar esse rímel há que tempos, deve ser mesmo genial!!

  2. nice pics; -0)

    i invite to me too


  3. I have the same kind of hair. Thanks for the brush tip!